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Women's Running Race Series 2017

For its fifth-year anniversary, boobydoo are joining the team by providing you with pre- and post-race tips, exclusive deals and most importantly, proper breast support for your race!

The Women’s Running Race Series, provides race events for female runners of all abilities at 10 nationwide locations. Their fun, friendly and supportive events cater for all running types so, whether you’re a first timer, a club runner, or chasing a new PB, these events can help you to achieve your goals.

Every race includes Pacers to help you round the courses and you receive a medal, t-shirt and goody bag worth over £40 (boobydoo treat included)!

boobydoo will be joining you at the races, where you can meet us, get fitted for a sports bra and try out the bounce test!

8540 Times

12 UK events throughout 2017:

21th May – Cardiff
4th June – Southampton *
18th June – Exeter *
2nd July – Milton Keynes *
9th July – Nottingham *
16th July – Liverpool *
27th August – Glasgow *
10th September – Manchester *
1st October – Leeds *
8th October – London *

*boobydoo will be attending this race!

Find out more about each location, including course details, timings and tickets on the Women’s Running Race Series website: womensrunninguk.co.uk/raceseries

Whilst Running

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Wearing a sports bra for running is essential to your performance, here’s three reasons why:

Top Runner Facts

"You want the whole focus to be on you and your race," says Leah, 25 year-old marathon runner. "Constantly worrying about your breasts bobbing up and down just isn’t helpful”.