Meet Wendy. boobydoo Ambassador. Founder of The Original Buggy Runners and Berkshire GB Running mum/coach.

Hi, I'm Wendy, a mum of two and named as one of the most influential movers in 2019 by Lucozade Sport. I often get asked what’s my favourite sports bra for running - I can’t beat the Shock Absorber Run Bra (which they advised me to try 4 years ago now) and I’ve tried heaps thanks to Boobydoo! 

I love Boobydoo because they are a small company that fully embraces real women. Sweaty, skin bulgy, stubby armpits the lot. We are not barbie dolls, we are WOMEN! No matter the size, get great support for your boobs when exercising to prevent future saggyville.

Don’t be put off by my mini melons, they have bras for all sizes and all sports. They even offer maternity sports bras. I love their personalised advice; their service is second to none.

Wendy's Top 3 Sports Bras



Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

"The simple case of spend money to get a quality product that WORKS! Even with small boobs this sports bra offered me no chaffage throughout many marathons unlike the crop tops I had been wearing. Once I’d started wearing this I couldn’t go back!"


Support 10/10

Comfort 10/10

Value 8/10


"I had to go up a band size on this model so best to get advice from the Boobydoo team on what’s right for you."



Runderwear Original Runderbra

"I loved wearing this bra for running. The light padding makes it a really flattering shape, great wicking fabric and it was both comfortable while being highly supportive."


Support 9/10

Comfort 9/10

Value 8/10


"The only 2 downsides I’ve found is the padding needing some flattening out post wash and the little challenge of the reach round required to do this up."



SportJock Action Sports Bra

"The Sportjock is so comfortable it can be worn all day.  Perfect for my home workouts as there isn’t any fastenings on the back to dig in during mat work."


Support 6/10

Comfort 10/10

Value 10/10


"When juggling working from home and looking after the kids, this bra can go on in the morning and stay on all day!  This bra wouldn’t be my choice for running as there are better supportive options but for everything else its awesome."