The Right Fit

We’ve found the key to happiness: a properly fitted, and great supportive sports bra. The Right Fit is here to answer your questions… What’s my bra size? Does my sports bra fit me properly? How do I get my sports bra on? How do I care for my sports bra? And more.

Sports Bra Types

Racerback Sports Bras
Racerback Sports Bras Racerback Sports Bras are ideal for running and rowing as they reduce shoulder pressure. You'll never have to worry about your straps falling down again!View all Raceback bras >
Encapsulation Sports Bras
Encapsulation Sports Bras Using a defined cup structure to encapsulate each breast, these sports bras give you maximum support with a feminine bust shape. No monoboobs here!View all Encapsulation bras >
Compression Sports Bras
Compression Sports Bras Compressing the breast tissue close to the body, this classic support method provides maximum support and minimises unwanted movement.View all Compression bras >
Front Fastening Sports Bras
Front Fastening Sports Bras Choose a zip or hook and eye fastening sports bra, these sports bras are easy on and off. Ideal for post-surgery or comfort wear.View all Front Fastening bras >
Padded Sports Bras
Padded Sports Bras For those who want a little extra, or just a little modesty in the cold, padded sports bras offer elegant shaping and support.View all Padded bras >
Underwired Sports Bras
Underwired Sports Bras An underwire provides extra shaping and support for bigger busts, but the right fit is essential for comfort and performance.View all Underwired bras >
Non Wired Sports Bras
Non-wired Sports Bras There is plenty of choice for a supportive non-wired bra that also provides great shaping from A-J cup. Also recommended for developing or sensitive breasts.View all Non-wired bras >
Plus Size Sports Bras
Plus Size Sports Bras We offer a great range of sports bras that support G+ cups, and back sizes up to a 52.View all Plus-size bras >
High Impact Sports Bras
High Impact Sports Bras If you run, horse ride, hop skip or jump, you need high impact support for maximum control. Take your pick from our colourful range of sports bras.View all High Impact bras >
Medium Impact Sports Bras
Medium Impact Sports Bras The right fit for activities such as cycling and Pilates. It can also work well for triathlons and provides just the right amount of support to take you through the motions of your chosen sport! Choose from a wide variety of colours and designs!View all Medium Impact bras >
Low Impact Sports Bras
Low Impact Sports Bras Perfect for yoga and walking, you’ll soon forget you’re wearing these super comfy bras. You can also accessorise your high impact bra with a colourful crop top.View all Low Impact bras >
Mastectomy Sports Bras
Mastectomy Sports Bras We have options suitable for post-surgery which offer full comfort and control.View all Mastectomy bras >
Maternity Sports Bras
Maternity/Nursing Sports Bras These sports bras provide a great support, function and a flattering style. This is the first full-structured nursing sports bra that keeps you comfortable and supported through maternity and nursing.View all Maternity/Nursing bras >