Introducing our brand new Rugby landing page, inspired by our new ambassadors Long Eaton Rugby Club and Rosie Galligan.

Whether you are playing for your local rugby club or at a higher level, having a properly fitting sports bra that offers you maximum support and comfort is extremely important.

Did you know that having a correctly fitting sports bra, can improve not only your overall performance and breast health but confidence too!

Our Top Rugby Sports Bra

Our Ambassadors

Long Eaton Rugby Club

We would like to welcome Long Eaton Rugby Team as our first ever team ambassadors.

'We are thrilled to be team ambassadors for boobydoo! As a sport that welcomes all, we know this ambassadorship will help our team and raise the profile of women's rugby. We can't wait to work with boobydoo and educate females to encourage participation whilst bringing the conversation of boobs to a typically male-dominated environment!'

Rosie Galligan

We would like to welcome Rosie Galligan as a boobydoo ambassador! In 2019 Rosie contracted Meningitis and was rushed to the hospital. Rosie stayed in the hospital for 10 days on antibiotics and a drip. After 10 days Rosie was discharged from the hospital and returned home where she had 'hospital at home' for two days before she started her recovery journey. After two months and a lot of training later Rosie returned to the pitch. Now Rosie represents Harlequins in the Premier 15s and is a Red Rose rugby player!

Here's what they think of their sports bras...



'I love the Anita Performance Sports Bra. It is really feminine and creates a lovely shape on my boobs. It is the perfect sports bra for mid-range impact and I would highly recommend it!'

- Rosie Galligan, Harlequins Rugby


Rosie's Top 3 Picks: 

Shock Absorber Padded Run Bra

Shock Absorber N109 D+ Max Support Sports Bra

Shock Absorber Multi Support Sports Bra



'My boobydoo bras are just comfy to wear and so supportive in all the right places. Before I'd have to double up on bras just to get the support I needed for a match! They're great and again, so comfy

-Beth, Long Eaton Rugby Club


'boobydoo bras have helped me to choose a bra that was comfortable and that fit to my body type. With it on I feel more confident knowing that I am safe and protected. I don't even notice I'm wearing it which is fantastic!'

-Aine, Long Eaton Rugby Club


I have never made a huge effort with the bras I wore for sports until I realised the true importance of being fully supported. 

I cannot believe the support and comfort of my bras from boobydoo. I will never go back to a normal sports bra again. As a twenty-year-old female, I've realised that I need to be taking care of my boobs in any way I can.

- Kasey, Long Eaton Rugby Club


Since doing my ankle whilst playing rugby in May I've found it hard to get back into fitness. I've never been keen on going to the gym (even before my injury).

I purchased a bra from boobydoo to force myself back into the gym hoping that a comfortable bra would give me the confidence and support I needed. The Freya Active Epic Underwired Crop Top gives me the full support I need not only in the gym but at work too.

- Jade, Long Eaton Rugby Club


'Happiness is bra-shaped. One of the many things so many won't understand... the value of a good proper supportive sports bra. Easily the difference between a great session and a bad session. If I'm not supported properly or even worse worried about them falling out, it's all down hill from there'



- Shaunagh  Brown, Harlequins Rugby Club

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