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Shock Absorber Padded Run Bra

Product Review (submitted on 19 August 2019):
What a shame! I’ve been waiting to submit my review and the bra has just left me with two significant chafes. I do love the look of this bra and the padding is wonderful. The chafe hasn’t occured where the plastic clip is, but below it, on the seam on the left hand side where it goes down into the rear band. Thinking about it though, this bra has threatened to chafe on precious occasions, but I got to it with body glide. I’ve only been on the treadmill for an hour and wouldn’t expect any bra to inflict cuts in that short a time. It’s still a very pretty bra but I don’t think I’ll risk running in it again and would advise everyone to lube up well if you want to use it for long runs. Trying a Maaree instead. Ironically, I only wore this bra tonight because I pulled on my usually-great Brooks Juno and it felt totally unsupportive. What a bra pickle I’m in now,