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Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra II

Product Review (submitted on 27 March 2019):
What a shame this bra didn’t work at all for me, as I know it’s very popular. That said, it’s the only bra that has actually injured me! I bought the 1Luxe and tested it in a treadmill run. I felt a sharp pain a while into my run, so I slid my finger along the back of the band, then at 30 mins felt a worse pain, stopped, and it turned out the bra band had rubbed a patch of skin off my back! It was shocking and painful too, I took pictures which I sent to boobydoo, and sent the bra back. I think it’s been sent back to SheFit for them to see if it’s faulty. The thing with this bra is that at the back, where you adjust it, there is a metal clip, and that had dug into me. Looking at the design now, I think the whole area of the metal clip should have fabric you can flip across. I have to say, I do not think I was in the right size bra. Maybe I should have been in a size down? I had to pull the shoulder straps up so high they were peeking over my shoulders (I think a fabric pocket for the strap ends to fit into would be a great idea, some other bras have these.) Even then, I still had bounce. To be fair to the product, it is comfortable, but it’s a very big, heavy bra which makes you very sweaty, I think sweat contributed to the rub I got. I was able to keep running as my Shock absorber bra sits above where the injury was, but it did take a week to heal and has left a mark. For me, this is a gym bra, not a running bra for wearing for an hour or more, and I don’t think my bust is big enough to be suitable for it. I think the design could do with a few tweaks and I would really advise trying it before using it at an event or race, to avoid injury. Boobydoo took what happened to me very seriously and have been great in helping me try replacement bras.