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Freya Active Sonic Underwired Moulded Sports Bra

Product Review (submitted on 2 January 2019):

This bra is the worst supporting sports bra I've ever bought. I considered putting it right in the bin, since I'll never be able to do anything more sporty than pilates in it.

The good - Its ever so comfortable and the fit is nice. This will lure you in to taking the tags off, but be warned.

The bad - well, its a sports bra, and not a cheap one. once you start doing any actual exercise (I'm talking about anything more than one or two jumps here - OBVIOUSLY I did a bounce test, this is not my first sports bra!!) it's just not supportive, I certainly wouldn't run in it. I couldn't concentrate on my exercise this morning as I was so self-conscious and uncomfortable. It should be clearly labelled as a low impact sports bra. Which it is not! As the proud owner of a GG cup boob-situation I need a lot more support from a sports bra than this can provide. I'm really disappointed with this and certainly won't be back for another. I'll stick with my Panache bras from now on.