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Falke Light 3/4 Tights

Product Review (submitted on 5 April 2018):

I got into running when I was in my mid twenties in an attempt to lose weight. I love eating and drinking so being on a diet made my life seem a little too ‘grey’. My first ever race was a Race for Life 5k and then a few years later I signed myself up for the London Marathon! During those lonely long distance miles of training I quickly learnt about the importance of the right kit. I developed chaffage and cuts all over my body from ill fitting clothes in unforgiving materials.

But technology moves on and 10 years later I find myself still loyal to the same brand and I’m not sure why! I’ve tried some variations, like into the compression tight brands but nothing that sits right on the stomach or remains not see through!

Have you heard of the ‘bent over test’? Well when you are in a changing room try bending over to see if the fun, exotic print leggings are see through or not. It’s amazing how many are! As a shopper I love a bargain and for that reason Tkmaxx has always held some appeal. But I’ve never found a brightly coloured pair of legging’s in there which doesn’t stretch and make my thighs look bigger or show off my pants to the world.

When I started working with Boobydoo as an ambassador I took their advice and swiftly became convert to the Shock Absorber Run Bra. Now I will not run in anything else and highly recommend it to everyone. So, when they introduced me to Falke capris I was intrigued! Unlike any other I own they have a high waist. And while I had my reservations about this making me hot and feeling a bit ‘OAP’ this feature is a game changer. It makes them so very comfortable and flattering! Having had two kids I have stomach that can appear muffin like with a tight waist band but there is no danger of this with these.

In addition to this the fabric they are made of can only be described as beautiful. They hold you tight but not sausage skin tight, and they are not smooth matt but they have a texture to the material which is very flattering. The crotch area is superbly designed when it comes to the seams and actually unlike any other I’ve run with before. Smart design in this area is so hugely important when running for several hours, getting sweaty and having thighs which touch at the top of the leg! And on that note, I also found them to wick moisture away effectively as well.

There is a small internal pocket for a key and maybe a bit of emergency money but like so many runners I actually use a waist band or hydration pack for my phone and tissues too so this isn’t a feature that I’ve used.

They are pricey but I believe you are paying for quality and not just a brand name. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. I’ve been known to wash mine and hang them on the radiator so I can wear them again the next day…. and I have overflowing drawers of activewear! Testament indeed!