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Freya Active Sonic Underwired Spacer Sports Bra

Product Review (submitted on 2 December -1):
I am a 36DD I wanted a bra that was good for running, didn't give me a mono boob and could have a racer back. This is a pretty bra and the shape it gives me is good, and the support is fine, but it isn't very comfortable. After wearing it for a while it rubs my skin red along the top edge on my side and up the edge of the cup, so I can wear it for a short time only without discomfort. If I make it into a racer back the trim along the top edge puckers up and sticks out rather than smoothly curving flat against my skin because it isn't made of very elastic material. This is even more uncomfortable so I just can't wear it this way. I so wanted to love this bra, but I can't because the discomfort is distracting and makes me feel on edge.