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Enell Lite Sports Bra

Product Review (submitted on 16 May 2016):

I have worn the standard Enell bra as everyday wear for some time now as I have quite an active job and always felt like I was "bouncing around" in anything else. This does, however, have drawbacks as it can be a little restrictive, and can limit the type of clothing you can wear (being so high in back and front, and giving a slightly unnatural "monoboob" look). When I came on here and saw the new Enell Lite I decided to try it out. I was a bit wary given the price in case I didn't like it (why is it more expensive than the regular Enell when it is less heavily engineered?) It took a couple of days to get used to wearing a bra that held and separated the breasts in a more natural way after so long in scaffolding, but once I got used to that I came to like it. For a large-breasted woman it would not do for anything other than low-impact exercise (you really can't beat the regular Enell for that), but for everyday wear and exercise that doesn't involve much bouncing around it's much better than offerings from other manufacturers. The lifespan of Enell bras is excellent and makes up for the initial higher outlay, so it remains to be seen if the Lite is as good in this respect. My one criticism, as with all Enell products, is that it needs either half sizes or two sets of eyes in the front fastening as the step between a size 1 and a size 2 is quite big, and as we're not all built to a standard pattern I find I have to compromise slightly and accept either an overtight chest band or slightly underfilled cups. It's still worlds better than anything else on the market for us bigger lassies. I will be ordering another Enell Lite today, but the price is an issue and may well put even committed Enell wearers off trying it out.