Impact Levels Explained

It's important to know which sports bra suits your impact level so you feel supported and comfortable when it comes to your workouts!

Extreme/High Impact

This type of sports bra is designed to cover you for the most intense activities such as running, rugby, horse riding, football, and other sports that involve jumping, sprinting, and lots of movement! 

The best high-impact sports bras will have been officially bounce-tested, will have good reviews, and will be bra sized e.g. 32B, 36D. They will also be more expensive because they are effective. It is important that you get this sports bra fitting correctly to provide optimal support and comfort.

Top Recommended Extreme Impact Sports Bras

Medium Impact

This type of sports bra will be most suitable for activities such as cycling, dance, and weight training at the gym.

Whilst a bra-sized, properly fitted sports bra is always best you may find some styles sized S, M, or L. We would recommend S, M, and L bras for smaller cup sizes A-C, and suggest D+ Cups find a medium-impact bra from your favourite high-impact sports bra brand.

Top Recommended Medium Impact Sports Bras

Low Impact

This type of sports bra will be most suitable for activities such as yoga, pilates, and walking. These bras are less structured so offer less support but can be more comfortable for longer durations or for everyday wear. 

These bras can be more affordable than high-impact sports bras, but don't compromise on support for price. Instead, invest in good quality sports bra so you don't have to replace it so often.

Top Recommended Low Impact Sports Bras

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