Signs Your Sports Bra Is Too Old

Is your trusty sports bra not fitting as well as it used to? Maybe you have started to notice a little more breast movement than usual?

It's important to check your sports bra for common signs of wear and tear so you can make sure you are getting the right support, especially if you are using them for regular high impact activities.

1. The Band

The band rises up and causes friction even when you are on the tightest hook and eye.

2. The Elasticity

The elastic is stretched and does not bounce back when you pull it.

3. The Fabric

The fabric isn't performing as you would expect and there may be a hole on your trusty sports bra somewhere...

4. Your Size

Your body and size may have changed and now the bra doesn't fit like it used to.

5. The Cups

The moulded cups in the sports bra have lost their shape.

If your sports bra has any of the above issues, its time you got yourself kitted out with a new one for your workout!