The Right Fit

We’ve found the key to happiness: a properly fitted, and great supportive sports bra. The Right Fit is here to answer your questions… What’s my bra size? Does my sports bra fit me properly? How do I get my sports bra on? How do I care for my sports bra? And more.

Fitting Tips

Sports Bra Fitting Tips

Sports Bra Fitting Tips

You don’t need a tape measure! Finding the right fit for your sports bra is simple, and with a few of our handy boobydoo tips, you can self-fit your sports bra at home. If you’re still struggling, you can use the Bra Size Calculator or give one of our fitting specialists a call too.

The Band:

The band of your sports bra should be firm fitting and lie straight across your back on the loosest hook and eye fastening.

If the band is riding up at the back, or you suffer from straps digging in, then go down a band size (remember: if you do this, go up a cup size as well).

If the band is too tight, difficult to fasten or there is excess skin hanging out of the band, then you should go up a band size (remember: if you do this, go down a cup size).

The Band
The Cups

The Cups:

The cups should encase all of your breast tissue, and your sports bra should sit flush against your skin with a smooth transition from sports bra to chest.

If the cups are gaping, or you are experiencing chafing under the armpits, then the cup size is too big and you should go down a size.

If there is spillage of breast tissue out of the sports bra (from any direction!) or the bra sits away from the breastbone, then the cups are too small. Fix this by going up a cup size.