We’re Going to Hotpod Yoga in Derby!

Hey boobydooers! We’re off to Hotpod Yoga Derby on 11th August. We’ll be giving sports bra fittings plus advice for anyone who wants a boob-chat from 8am – 11:30am. We’re bringing some of our favourite bras for yoga and high impact exercises, as well as activewear from Reebok, adidas, Brooks plus more! Hotpod will be a truly immersive experience and we can’t wait to see you there.

But wait? What on earth’s ‘hotpod’ yoga? Okay, think yoga. Now think inflatable pods and add in some soothing, purple ambient lighting. Still with us? Now think heady aromas and enveloping soundscapes. Doesn’t sound like your usual yoga session, right? Oh, and the temperature inside the pod is 37 degrees. In short, it’s a 20-person yoga class in a hot…pod.

Founded in 2013 by yoga teacher Nick and strategy consultant Max, Hotpod had a simple mission: ‘to reinvent yoga for the modern world’. By creating an appealing and intense experience through the use of heat, light, and sound, Hotpod yoga ‘fuses innovative design and intricate detailing with high-quality teaching and real personality.’

If you’re wondering why the pods are heated to 37 degrees, heat makes the heart and lungs work a little harder. This helps you burn more calories and will give you a great cardio workout. Warmth also increases flexibility – easing joints and muscles and helping prevent injury. Sweating also helps to eliminate toxins and cleanse the body. Pretty good, huh?

Find out more about Hotpod Yoga and their class locations here: https://hotpodyoga.com/

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