The boobydoo ambassador shortlist: Litha

As part of the boobydoo ambassador application process, we asked our shortlisted candidates to tell us a bit about themselves and to have a go at reviewing at bra! See how Litha got on.

I’m a very real woman trying to exercise after years of being sedentary, followed by sciatica problems and plantar fasciitis. At the moment I’m running and doing strength training at the gym. I have been at it for a year and two months and slowly starting to see progress. I haven’t had sciatica pain in more than six months and my plantar fasciitis is gone. I am stronger and more confident and can now do things that I couldn’t do before due to pain, like hiking!

Advice to 12 yo you?

I would tell her that she is beautiful as she needs to unlearn the body hate that she has been conditioned with. I’d tell her that she will find love, both self-love of the love of others. And that exercising shouldn’t be about shrinking her body. That it could be about getting stronger and feeling empowered.

How has a sports bra changed the way you exercise?

A great sports bra changes everything! I remember trying trampolining before I found a decent sports bra and my boobs completely out of control made it very uncomfortable. Finding a great sports bra made me able to run and jump with comfort. I don’t need to worry about spilling out and can concentrate fully on the physical activity I’m performing.

What can you bring to our community?

I could help people that have been struggling to find a sports bra that fits to find their perfect bra. I would like to inspire people like me (not the magazine fitness type) to engage in physical activity without being self-conscious. Ideally I would like to help people believe they can do it too and that they deserve to take up their space in the gym, track, pool, climbing wall – wherever they want to exercise.


Watch Litha's Sports Bra Review here!

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