The boobydoo ambassador shortlist: Laura

As part of the boobydoo ambassador application process, we asked our shortlisted candidates to tell us a bit about themselves and to have a go at reviewing at bra! See how Laura got on.

I'm Laura, I'm 28 and I'm a test engineer. I'm not your typical runner and I very much describe myself as someone that has a love-hate relationship with running and exercise though that's changing.

In 2011 I weighed around 260 lbs and made the decision to start my weight loss journey. I'd always found it massively important to have a good sports bra. I've been a Shock Absorber fan since the beginning of my weight loss journey.  My favourites in particular being the Multi Sport Active and then a little further down the line, discovering the Ultimate Run Bra once I started running.

After a couple of years, a hard battle and lots of replaced sports bras later, I'd lost nearly half my body weight, losing over 120 lbs.

In 2014, after maintaining my weight for a while, I made the decision to have surgery to remove loose skin from weight loss. I had a Tummy Tuck and a breast augmentation with implants. I knew I was in safe hands when it came to support of my new girls and my Shock Absorber bras. Whilst I dabbled in trying other brands, nothing has ever stood up to the support I get from Shock Absorber.  They've always done exactly what I've needed of them and it's always been super important to make sure I'm wearing a bra that will help look after my new breasts after surgery.

Exercise and in particular running hasn't ever come naturally or been easy for me and it's something I don't ever sugar coat or hide away. My social media has always been an outlet to keep myself accountable and to hopefully inspire others along the way. You won’t find any filters or clever camera angles! You will see sweat patches, tomato faces, cellulite and all!  I especially don't like to hide the struggles like my weight gain post -surgery. I've never been afraid to admit that I've re-gained 40 lbs: after all, there could be others out there suffering from the same experience

I like to challenge myself and push my boundaries. I struggle most days with running, went through a bad patch last year in the summer where I completely stopped running and hardly exercised. However, I set myself a challenge of running everyday back in December and I'm currently on Day 140 which still surprises me that I’m managing to do it.

I'd love the opportunity to represent a brand I think so highly of and who I've used throughout my journey!

Advice to 12 yo you?

I would say don't fret that you're bigger than the other kids in school, try to ignore the bullies, you're strong willed and you can achieve anything you want when you put your mind to it. Even if the road to get there is long and hard, never give up!

How has a sports bra changed the way you exercise?

Finding the perfect sports bra that works for you makes such an amazing difference, especially in terms of comfort. There's nothing worse than bouncing boobs making you uncomfortable and sore when you're trying to give your all during exercise. Finding a bra that stops that, completely changes the way you exercise and perform and you're much more confident too.

What can you bring to our community?

I think the best asset is my honesty, I'm not afraid to admit my struggles and defeats and along with share the successes to, I think that's what makes me relatable, I don't think anyone's journeys are linear and it's important to share all aspects of it. I also know how important it is to have a good sports bra and look after your breast health regardless of size! (and especially given my surgery, it's become a far more prominent and important to make sure my breasts are properly secure during exercise)

Watch Laura's Sports Bra Review here!

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