The boobydoo ambassador shortlist: Jean

As part of the boobydoo ambassador application process, we asked our shortlisted candidates to tell us a bit about themselves and to have a go at reviewing at bra! See how Jean got on.

When I lived in Paris, I tried a jog to the Eiffel Tower - I think I got about 800 yards before I decided I'd had enough and went home for a glass of vin blanc!

But 10 years ago, when I met a handsome young man, that all changed. He was a keen runner and I thought I might give it a try as something to bond over. I started off with just gentle walks around my village. I remember my first mile and that sense of satisfaction and joy! Fast forward to now, love of jogging has remained. My motivation has sometimes fluctuated, but countless 10ks and a few half marathons later I'm still at it!

It's certainly hard to keep going if you don't have the support network. In times when you're feeling a little low or stressed, it's great to have people around you to keep you motivated. So what better way to keep motivated - and regain self-confidence - than to set up a jogging group? My husband and I (the handsome young man) signed up for our UK Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness Licenses, and established the Castle Donington Jog Squad.

We have just started our third Couch to 5k programme. If all complete it (which I'm sure they will)  a total of 40 women - most of whom had never run before - will have completed a parkrun with support from the Jog Squad! In addition to the Couch to 5k groups, I also run a social group every week, which has 31 people on the register - some of whom did the C25k with us previously, some of whom just come to jog and meet people. We're a hugely diverse group and that's what makes us so great! I run it as a volunteer because I think jogging should be free. My rules are: Please turn up wearing a pair of trainers, a smile and a sports bra (if appropriate!)

Advice to 12 yo you?

I’d have to say, be kind to everyone but most of all be kind to yourself.

How has a sports bra changed the way you exercise?

Wearing a good sports bra has given me the ability to exercise with confidence, without having to hide myself away or slouch - I can run, spin and even box jump without risking a black eye!

What can you bring to our community?

Helping show women that we can achieve our exercise and wellness goals, supporting one another on the way! None of us are perfect, we all have things we might want to change, but it’s those imperfections that make us beautiful.

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