The boobydoo ambassador shortlist: Chloe

As part of the boobydoo ambassador application process, we asked our shortlisted candidates to tell us a bit about themselves and to have a go at reviewing at bra! See how Chloe got on.

I am an all-star cheerleader and have been for 10 years and feel so strongly about female sport, and the importance of staying healthy throughout.

Cheerleading is a predominantly female sport, but those who don't know about it often don't recognise it as a sport which can be so frustrating! It just makes me determined to get the name of cheerleading and women in sport out there into the world.

I'd love to try your bras out during training (and competitions) and let the world of cheerleaders know how much they help. I also have a relatively large bra size (36E/34F), which seems to be rare in the world of cheer, but I know my fellow large-busted cheerleaders have the same bouncing problems I do, and I'd love to be able to solve that for them!

I am on 3 teams in my programme/club, and it varies between 10 and 18 of us ladies on a team, ranging in ages from 10 – 27! It’s an incredible and inclusive sport and I absolutely love it.

Advice to 12 yo you?

STOP WORRYING! You have no idea how incredible your future is going to be, and how those girls who don’t like you or think you’re weird right now, will become completely irrelevant in about 5 years’ time. You’ll find some incredible friends who love you for who you are, your confidence will skyrocket (despite how shy you are now), and always always tell mum and dad you love them – they’re precious. Keep going through the tough years and get ready to have the time of your life. Never regret anything.

Watch Chloe's Sports Bra Review here!

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