Taking Care of Your Sports Bra

Just like your sports bra takes care of you, you can return the favour and take good care of it too!

Tips for Machine Wash

Never put your bra in a tumble dryer
If underwired, always hand wash
Avoid using fabric softeners
Always make sure to do the hook & eyes up
Place on low heat (40 degrees or lower)
If possible, place in a safe wash net/ mesh bag
To ensure it keeps its shape, hang dry by hanging the
bra between the cups and not from the straps

Tips for Hand Washing

Place a Tsp. or Tbsp. of detergent in a sink/tub of water
Let bra soak in the water for about 15min
Carefully rub down the bra and rinse off any soap
Place the bra on a towel and press your hands down
on the bra to squeeze out excess water
Do not wring as this may effect shape
To ensure it keeps its shape, hang dry by hanging the bra between the cups
and not from the straps

How often should you wash your bra?

It’s ideal to wash your sports bra every time you wear it, but this varies on how intense your workout is. If exercising lightly, you can wear a bra up to 3 times without washing, but this isn’t always recommended as your bra will absorb a lot of sweat, creating bacteria.

How do you know when to say goodbye to your sports bra?

It really depends on how frequently you use and wash your sports bras, you start to notice when the elastic has started to stretch. That’s when the band of your bra is no longer supportive and the fabric starting to fray. The fit of your sports bra will also change with fluctuations in your body, so if you lose or gain weight, you might need to try a new bra for a more comfortable fit. No sports bra should see a birthday, if you’ve owned a bra for longer than 1 year, it might be time to say goodbye.

How many bras should you have?

It is recommended that you have three bras in rotations at all times; one for workout, one in the wash and the other hanging to dry. If you exercise regularly, owning one sports bra will not be enough.

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