Stop The Press: boobydoo Turns 15!

To celebrate our 15th birthday, we’ve put together a timeline of some of the great things we’ve managed to cram in since 2005. Over the course of these wonderful years, we’ve managed to provide support for over 100,00 women and have attended 100 events across the country, including Your Horse Live, Orangefitness, and the Manchester Marathon.


boobydoo is born! 2005 is where the start of our journey began.


We joined YouTube! Click here to watch our videos. 


boobydoo moves from its base High Wickham to their new headquarters, which is nestled in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales (perfect for long country runs).


We go nationwide! We went on tour across the UK with Women’s Running Magazine. Over the course 4 months, we visited 12 locations and met many wonderful women along the way!

We also introduced a maternity range, recognising that expecting and new mums need support, especially if they’re breastfeeding or would like to keep active during their pregnancies. See our maternity ranges here.


Realising that many women struggle to find their right bra size, we magicked up ‘The Right Fit Quiz’ in an effort to ensure women found the right support during exercise. Over 80% of women don’t have a correctly-fitted sports bra. Without a correct-fitting bra, your breasts can move up to 14cm! Check out our quiz here!

We also changed our product imagery, phasing out images of professional models and replacing them with photographs of members of our own boobydoo team. This was done as we wanted to habe real-life women modelling our products.

Our boobydoo team enjoy doing all types of activities, ranging from gentle yoga, bodybuilding, club running and walking! So, whilst some of us might have super abs and muscly legs,  some of us don’t – we want sport to be fun and inclusive, and the first step in encouraging women to feel confident in their own bodies is showing them we’re true to ourselves and don’t believe in airbrushing.


We welcomed some new ambassadors to our team! Juggling work commitments and helping us review new sports bras, they’ve proved to be invaluable members of our community, and helping us spread our mission of ensuring every woman has a correctly fitted sports bra!

Read about our ambassadors here:





We turn 15!

A ‘Shop by Bra Size’ feature was added to our Clearance Page, allowing our boobydooers to enjoy browsing discounted products more easily and without the hassle of not being able to find a bra in their size.

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