Sports Bra Guide For Horse Riders

New study gives horse rider's a guide to bras.*

A study conducted by Dr Jenny Burbage, of the University of Portsmouth, and Lorna Cameron, of Sparsholt College, Hampshire, completed a large-scale survey of female riders in the United Kingdom and found that less than 35% of riders wear a sports bra.

Wearing a sports bra can reduce breast movement by 80%, not only that, it decreases breast discomfort, pain and allows you to get the most out of your workout or ride. The sad thing is that most women still don't wear one, or worse, they are wearing one that's ill-fitted or not the right size.

There are more than 900,000 women taking part in horse- riding activities at least once a month, and out of the 1,324 surveyed, 40% experienced breast pain. Participants also said they experienced the most pain during sitting trot and 21% said it affected their riding performance.

Finding the right fit can be hard, and with so many different styles, it's hard to figure out where to begin! In the Horse Rider's Guide to Bras, it's suggested that to find the perfect fit, the sports bra should have the following features:

  • Adjustable straps
  • High neckline
  • Strong elastic under-band allowing for a wide range of arm movement.

Going on their suggestions, here's our top 3 picks for Horse Riders:

Berlei Horse Riding Bra
This sports bra was designed and made specifically for horse riders. It features padded, adjustable straps that can be adjusted to a racer-back style and full-cup coverage. Available in 32-44 band, B-FF cup.


Panache Ultimate sports Bra
This sports bra features a full-coverage design, padded, adjustable straps and a j-hook at the back for a racer-back style. Available in 30-40 band, B-J cup (comes in a non-wired style and more colours as well).


Freya Active Underwired Moulded Sports Bra
This sports bra features adjustable straps, full-cup coverage and lightly padded cups. Designed for maximum support, this bra was given a firm, flat bottom band and wide curvature wire. Available in 32-40 band, D-H cup. More colours available.


Does it Fit Right?

When you put the bra on, make sure you're on the most outer hook and eye clasp. It will feel snug, but as long as it feels comfortable, it's ok for it to feel tight. Make sure the band is also fitting straight across your back. If it's riding up, or the straps are digging in, then make sure to try the next band size down (remember to go up a size as well).

Cups should encase all your breast tissue and fit flush against your skin with a smooth transition from sports bra to chest. If cups are gaping, or you're experiencing chafing under the armpits, then the cup size is too big and you should go down a size. If there is spillage of the breast tissue or the bra sits away from the breastbone, then the cups are too small. Fix this by going up a a cup size.

For more fitting information, please visit our Right Fit section.

*All statistics and research information was taken from The Horse Rider's Guide to Bras, produced in partnership of the British Equestrian Federation, University of Portsmouth, Sparsholt College and BETA. Check out the full Study here

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