New Fitness Trends for 2020: Orangetheory

What is it?

Orangetheory was first developed in the US by Ellen Latham. With a degree in exercise science as well as a Pilates certification, Ellen decided to open her own fitness studio where she developed what would later become known as the Orangetheory workout.

The name Orangetheory is derived from the science behind the workout: Orangetheory workouts last 1 hour and are structured so that you spend a minimum of 12 minutes in the Orange Zone (classed as uncomfortable, but not ‘all out effort’) which is one of the 5 heartrate zones.

By spending time in the Orange Zone, you’re challenging your body (Orangetheory tries to get your heart rate between 84 to 91% of your unique heart rate maximum) and it will work harder to recover oxygen after you’ve finished exercising. This is called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and it makes your metabolism work and burn calories after your workout is over!

What fitness levels is it suitable for?

Orangetheory is suitable for people of all levels, and nobody is ever pushed beyond what they are capable of doing. However, Orangetheory recommends that if you’re pregnant and aren’t used to doing any fitness training to wait until after your baby is born before starting the Orangetheory workouts.

Where can I do it?

Orangetheory has 8 studios across the country. To find your nearest one, click here

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