New Fitness Trends for 2020: Nordic Walking

What is it?

Nordic walking first emerged in the 1930s after Finnish competitive cross-country skiers started to use poles during their training throughout the offseason. They found that this training gave them an advantage as it ensured that their upper and lower body muscles maintained excellent form. Nordic walking is now a growing fitness trend across the UK!

Nordic walking is just regular walking, however the walker uses poles which are placed in a certain way which enables them to develop upper body strength whilst being propelled forward. According to Nordic Walking UK, 90% of the skeletal muscles are used during Nordic walking and it burns up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking! It’s one of the most effective cross-training techniques for athletes and sportspeople who require ultimate cardiovascular and enduring conditioning.

What fitness levels is it suitable for?

Anyone can do Nordic walking! It’s friendly for all ages and fitness levels. It’s also easy to learn and isn’t intensive (you’ll be able to walk in groups and have a good natter.)

As Nordic walking uses a specific technique, you’ll be guided by a fully trained instructor. All instructors listed on the Nordic Walking UK website are registered as compliant with the Outdoor Code of Practice.

It’s likely that there’s a local Nordic Walking group in your area, so keep and eye for local adverts or Facebook groups. If you already belong to a walking club, they will probably know where you can get started with Nordic Walking.

Where can I do it?

Anywhere in UK! To find out where your nearest session is, click here: Nordic Walking UK

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