New Brand: Limitless

We’re thrilled to welcome new brand Limitless into the boobydoo family!

Limitless have a special place in our hearts, as they’re on a mission to empower and educate teenage girls. Many of us here at boobydoo wished that Limitless were around when we were growing up, as doing sports at school was such a pain. Conversations around breast health and the importance of having a good sports bra wasn’t a thing. But Limitless want to change that.

How? By working alongside some of the best mind the country and one of the world’s leading centres of research, they’ve created a sports bra that adapts and flexes with developing bodies. Limitless know that designing a sports bra specifically for teenage girls is important (but you can also wear it if you aren’t a teenager!) To show you why empowering young girls who enjoy sport is so crucial, here are some statistics:

  1. Half of girls reduce or stop playing sport when they hit puberty
  2. 37% of girls agree that “I am motivated to be active because my mother/stepmother is active”

The Limitless Sports Bra is comfortable, discreet, and stylish. It’s been shown to reduce breast movement by 68% (tested at the University of Portsmouth) and also has an elasticated T-bar, which is can be adjusted when your body changes.

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