Meet our boobydoo team: Thea, Zoe, Neve and Jess

This week it's Thea, Zoe, Neve and Jess, who will be telling us a  little bit about themselves!



When Thea’s not designing graphics for us here at boobydoo (she’s a tech whiz!), she can be found knitting handwarmers and snuggly scarves or drawing things with cool computer software. Thea has a dancing background, and specialised in ballet, tap, modern, and street (phew!) Having hung her dancing shoes up (for now), Thea now lends her critical eye and creative flair to the boobydoo team.

What advice would you give to 12yo you?

“Don’t worry, your mum was right: you will get bigger boobs!”

How has a sports bra changed the way you stay active?

It’s nice to not be bouncing all over the place! I used to notice that I’d have to adjust my bra a lot when I was doing vigorous activities such as Zumba, and it was really uncomfortable for my chest.”


Zoe is an apprentice here at boobydoo, and although she hasn’t been here long she’s already up to speed with all things sports bra related! Zoe is also a bit of a tech whiz, and often shares her unrivalled knowledge about the latest apps with the rest of the team (we admittedly sometimes have a hard time keeping up). When she’s not working hard, Zoe goes on long country walks with her two dogs Jasper and Daisy and indulges in the occasional weekend movie marathon!

What advice would you give to 12yo you?

“Don’t be afraid to be ‘you’ and have the confidence to pursue what you love!”

How has a sports bra changed the way you stay active?

Since taking up running, I’ve noticed that having a well-fitting sports bra has motivated me to get out. Before working at boobydoo, I didn’t really know much about sports bras and why it was important to invest in one. The bra I really like is the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra II.”


An ardent sports fan (both playing and watching), Neve also adores music (she’s a big fan of Annie Mac) and travelling.  She enjoys the challenge of cramming as many concerts, music festivals, and weekend getaways into her busy schedule as possible. Neve has modelled for us from time to time, and has subsequently tasted fame, having been asked by someone if she was ‘that boobydoo lady!’

What advice would you give to 12yo you?

“I’m enough and I don’t have to try and be liked anyone else.”

How has a sports bra changed the way you stay active?

“It’s helped me to give 100% every time I exercise and not worry about what my boobs are doing.”



Jess is another of our fantastic apprentices, and helps to keep the boobydoo warehouse running in tip top shape. She looks after orders and dispatch, meaning that not only is she organised, she’s also a dab hand at multitasking! Jess travelled to 20 countries by the time she was 18 and she’s got her heart set on Italy as her next destination. Jess loves rugby and swimming, and she nurtures her creative side by drawing and taking photographs in her spare time.

What advice would you give to 12yo you?

“Stay in touch with the people you meet in life.”

How has a sports bra changed the way you stay active?

It enables me to stay active longer, and I can do long-distance running in comfort!”

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