Meet our boobydoo team: Melissa, Charly, and Lisa

Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing a little bit about our wonderful boobydoo team, so that you can get to know them! We've started with Charly,  Melissa, and Lisa.



Melissa is our Head of Operations, which is a pretty big job over here. Staying true to her creative roots (she did a degree in Fashion Design), Melissa enjoys sewing up a storm in her downtime. She also runs for Cheadle Running Club, and has so far done 3 races with the ambition of completing a half marathon by the end of this year! Melissa’s current bra of choice when she’s training is the Shock Absorber Padded Run bra.

What advice would you give to 12yo you?

“You have dyslexia, but don’t worry it won’t hold you back! Get help earlier so you don’t have to find out two weeks before you hand in your dissertation at university!”

How has a sports bra changed the way you stay active?

“When I started at boobydoo I used to just wear rubbish sports bras that were on sale.  When I got them I used to feel the fabric rather than assess the level of support they could provide me. Since being properly fitted and given a correctly fitting Shock Absorber I’ve felt more confident.”



Charly doesn’t have one, but two British championships in bodybuilding under her belt (she jetted off to Miami last year to compete in the World Final, and currently ranks 4th in the world!) It’s safe to say that Charly is super active when she’s not working. (She founded the boobydoo run club which meets once a week.) As a pottery enthusiast and theatre school graduate, Charly isn’t afraid to express herself – whether through the medium of spontaneous song in the office or making review videos for our boobydooers!

What advice would you give to 12yo you?

“It’s OK to be weird. Don’t get an MSN boyfriend. Active and creative are two totally cool things to combine. You aren’t fat. Listen more in physics. Go for it.”

How has a sports bra changed the way you stay active?

“My first proper sports bra was an awkward gift from my mum when I was about 17 (it was a Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra, but I had no idea at the time). It was ugly and tight at first but the difference it made to my comfort during exercise compared to my normal bra was huge. I wish I had understood the value of a sports bra sooner, but now I wouldn’t exercise without one.”



Chances are, if you’ve ever had a question or query about an order at boobydoo, it’s Lisa who’s at the other end of the line. Whether she’s chatting over the phone or replying to our boobydooers over email, Lisa always has a smile on her face. Lisa loves having a good think and putting her problem-solving skills to the test. In her free time, she enjoys going to her Pilates sessions and heading down to her local pub quiz once a week.

What advice would you give to 12yo you?

“Stop worrying about what other people may think and have the confidence to go for it.”

How has a sports bra changed the way you stay active?

“It makes me look and feel good which motivates me to go and get active even when I’m tired!”

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