boobydoo x Energy Ball Recipes

When Charly met up for a coffee with Victoria Prince (Founder of Energy Ball Recipes) earlier this month to discuss Breast Cancer Awareness Month, amazing things happened! 

Here’s the 5 minute version of their 2 hour chat...

Charly: We’re doing a LOT to increase awareness about our chosen charity Prevent Breast Cancer this month, do you have any pink energy balls by any chance?

Victoria: Yes! I developed one especially for Valentines Day, made with rose water and beetroot powder. It sounds a bit weird, I must admit, but it has a gorgeous comforting ‘Mother Nature’ taste about it.

Charly: Oh great, I’ll be trying those out myself! Vic, did you say you’ve got into hockey recently? Tell me about that, how’s it going?

Victoria: ha ha, well I’ve not played for 20 years, since I was at school! But due to my polycystic ovaries, I really try to increase my sports as much as I can. 

I also love to do hot pod yoga, running, and try to get in the gym once a week. I’m certainly not at your level of fitness though Charly, I’ve been following your progress with your competitions and it’s really inspiring!

Charly: Thanks Vic! So tell me about your sports bra choices, how you do make sure you’re ‘well equipped’ for all the different sports?

Victoria: That’s a very good question, I hadn’t thought of different bras for different sports. I suppose I do have my ‘comfy’ sports bras for yoga and I love my Shock Absorber for running and hockey, but I only have one and it’s constantly in the wash, so I do need to get on the case with it.

I checked out your handy Bra Size Calculator and it’s truly amazing how we can pop on bras that are too small, large, or the strap need tightening to be more supportive. I do really struggle with buying bras from different shops, and I fall prey to buying the same size without really getting properly fitted. From your calculator, I found out my Shock Absorber is actually too tight on the band, so I do need your help!

Charly: Right, let’s get you sorted then Vic, pop in and let’s see how we can help you. You’ll see on our boobydoo You Tube channel we do loads of reviews and bra fittings to showcase how we can help.

Victoria: haha you’ll have to video our fitting…!

Charly: Right you’re on! Get your diary out!


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