Best Sports Bras for Running


If someone ever says, "you run like a girl," turn around and tell them that if they ran a little faster, they could too.

Did you know that different activities require different types of breast support? When running, you want to look for a sports bra that provides an equal distribution of support.

Running in a properly fitted sports bra will also help to improve your running technique and efficiency of your run. A study by the Portsmouth University had a group of women run 5km in a normal bra and a sports bra. They found that when wearing a sports bra, participants significantly reduced their chest and shoulder activity. This reduction in muscle activity means your body is using less energy, because it's running in a more efficient technique.  So, not only does a sports bra reduce breast pain, but it also reduces painful muscle tension in the upper body, giving you a more efficient run style.

Our best sports bras for running:

shock-absorber-5044-black-frontShock Absorber Run Bra (30-38, A-G) | This sports bra has won countless awards, and it's clear why! The unique infinity-8 system reduces breast movement by 78%. Seamless and full-coverage cups reduces chaffing and evenly distributes support. The racerback design with top clip also ensures straps stay put. CHECK IT OUT




panachePanache Ultimate Support (28-40, B-J) | This sports bra fits high up on the front, ensuring breasts tissue is fully covered. It offers lightly padded cups and a j-hook to make straps racerback. Its flattering shape makes it not only perfect for your next marathon, but as an everyday supportive bra - ideal for running after small children! CHECK IT OUT




enell-sports_blackEnell Sports Bra | If you met this sports bra at a speed dating event, you'd grab it and make a mad dash to the door. Endorsed by Oprah, its one-of-a-kind design means support is evenly distributed around the front and back. Strap your ladies in this and you won't feel any movement during your run. CHECK IT OUT




triTriaction Extreme Lite (32-40, B-E) | This sports bra will mould to your shape and feel ultra comfortable. The wide band won't move during your run, and the mesh insert on the front will ensure you stay dry. It provides full cup coverage, evenly distributing support so you can give it your all during that run. CHECK IT OUT




royceRoyce Impact Free (32-40, G-K) | This sports bra has ultimate cup coverage. Wide straps and wire-free design make it ideal for your next run. It's also 100% cotton, which means perspiration can be naturally wicked away from the skin. CHECK IT OUT




Not seeing one for you? Get in touch and we'll help you find the right sports bra for you.

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