Are you ready for Elomi’s ‘Live Limitless Challenge’?

@simonecharles_ rocking in the Elomi Energise bra!

Ladies – do you feel like you’re up for a challenge? (Well, 30 to be precise).

Elomi have created a ‘Live Limitless Challenge’ to inspire women to try new things and to push you to try and embrace a life without limits! Elomi have partnered with Dr Denise McDermott, who specialises in empowerment and living your best life. She encourages people to believe in wellness and a healthy balanced lifestyle. Her skills and expertise have been used to create the Live Limitless Challenges based around: awareness, self-love and building confidence

The Challenge will be hosted on the Live Limitless hub on where you can sign up and begin taking part. It's then up to you to complete the challenges however and whenever you want to.

Elomi will be collaborating with various social influencers for the Live Limitless Challenges including Alexa La Rosa, Georgina Horne and Ty Alexandra.

They encourage those taking part in the challenge to share their journey on social media and inspire others. Plus they’ll be awarding badges for: frequency of posting, inspirational posts and quality of posts. You'll even have the opportunity to win an Elomi collection - sounds pretty good to us!

So, think you can complete 30 challenges across 30 days?

You can find all the challenges and more information here!


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