Training Plan | Breast Cancer 5K

Training Plan |  Breast Cancer 5K
By Boobydoo
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Training Plan | Breast Cancer 5K


boobydoo 5K Training Tips:

Running is a brilliant form of exercise that is accessible to any fitness level. It is a wonderful way to destress and is proven to make us feel happier (thanks, endorphins!). My first entry into exercise was running with my family whilst on holiday. It didn’t start easy; I had to stop regularly, couldn’t run far and my competitive nature made me frustrated that I couldn’t keep up with my Dad. However, with determination and support from my family, my fitness levels improved and running became a necessary part of my weekly routine. I’d get itchy feet if I missed a run! Building my fitness through running then gave me the confidence to try out other forms of exercise, and I fell in love with the variety of activities out there. I kept running and did my first Half Marathon in 2015, then qualified as a Personal Trainer in April this year; I now teach my own series of classes, making them fun and varied, perfect for first-timers and the more experienced. If you are taking part in our boobydoo Virtual 5K run this October, or any other race event, here’s a few tips:
  1. Make sure you have the right kit: before you start training, you need a supportive sports bra that is suitable for running (here are our top picks), and a good pair of trainers that give your foot and ankle support. These two pieces of kit are the most essential, because they reduce potential injury and offer comfort throughout.
  2. Always warm up and cool down: A warm-up gently prepares the body for exercise by gradually increasing your heart rate and circulation; you get more blood flow into your muscles and it loosens the joints – significantly reducing the risk of injury.
After you’ve done your exercise, cooling the muscles down reduces the risk of muscle spasms or cramps and helps you stretch out any tense muscle groups; a warm-up should steadily recover your resting heart rate over about 5 minutes, stretching the key muscle groups you’ve used. Watch our pre run stretches & post-run cool-down video here:
  1. Motivate yourself: Find ways to keep you on track with the program. I find the best motivation is a buddy. Team up with a friend, partner or family member to do the challenge with, and get yourself out into chilly weather together! My next top tip is structure your workouts for specific days of the week, and stick to it.
  • Other tips are creating a playlist of your favourite songs, a progress chart to map your fitness improvements or promise yourself a treat once you’ve finished the program, like a new dress or dinner out.
  1. Rest: It is crucial that you allow yourself time to rest between exercise days. This allows your body to recover; your muscles can then repair and strengthen, making you a fitter and better runner.
  2. Listen to your body: If you are following a programme, allow yourself to repeat any of the weeks until you feel ready to move onto the next section. Don’t push yourself too far – you need to enjoy the challenge, not resent it!


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