Running Without A Sports Bra

Running Without A Sports Bra
By Boobydoo
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Running Without A Sports Bra

Have you tried running without a sports bra? We don't understand why any woman would put herself through such torture. If you've ever experienced improper bust support, you'll understand these horrible, horribles.

Horrible 1 | Having to use arms to keep bust under control

Seriously, as if there isn't enough to worry about in a race. Like, you just want to run, give it your all and try to get a respectable finish time. You've done all this training to what? Hold your bust like a crying baby? Oh great, no problem, I'll finish the race NEXT WEEK! sketch1447671385747

Horrible 2 | Sweavage to the max

Ugh, the sweavage. Dripping down your back, dripping down the front, soaking through your shirt. Don't worry, just tell them you hit an isolated shower during the race. Sports bras are made from heavily tested, over technified performance fabrics. That's why when you run in a sports bra, you always feel dry. Breathable, moisture wicking, all qualities we look for. So when you're searching for that perfect one, make sure to spot these features. sweavage

Horrible 3 | Omg Ouch, the chafing

Put that bra in the corner and let it just think about what it's done to your skin. Tired of plastering yourself in vaseline? Finding the right sports bra that fits you properly means you can avoid this sticky mess. The right sports bra will leave you pain free. No rubbing, no itching and no vaseline mess to clean up, you also won't have to fear the shower after that run! IMG_5328

Horrible 4 | Tucking and tugging, endless readjusting

When your boobs keep hitting the "eject" button over, and over again. No matter what you do, they just won't stay in place. The band goes up and down, boobs fall out of cups! Worst is when the cups slip up and it's like half on your boob, half off, or it slips so far up the cups are bulging out of your shirt. Let's face it, normal bras just don't strap those ladies down quite like a sports bra! Read your boobs their Miranda rights: "You have the right to remain still, any movement will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to a proper fitting sports bra and to have said sports bra present during any workout now or in the future." It's important your boobs understand their rights. stay in palce

Horrible 5 | The pain...

Does your neck hurt? Back? Shoulders? Have you said yes to all three? If you're a K cup, your bust carries the same weight as a newborn baby. On average, your bust will move 14 cm when running without proper bust support. All you A cuppers out there, your little bust is moving about 4 cm so, proper support is just as important for you! Don't finish a race hunched over because your sore back can't support your boobs, just buy a good, proper-fitting sports bra. Keep those ta tas tamed and never experience a horrible, horrible again. Untitled-5

Our "seriously check this out" sports bra choice of the week: Odlo High Impact Padded Sports Bra! Your boobs will love being snuggled in these soft cups. It won't squish'em down either, just a nice flattering shape. Available in white, black and hot pink.


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