Interview With Liz Hufton!

Interview With Liz Hufton!
By Boobydoo
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Interview With Liz Hufton!

boobydooer Charly is at the first Women's Running Race Series event in Cardiff and she caught up with the Women's Running Editor, Liz Hufton, to discuss the race series and find out a little bit more about her! Check out the interview below, or if you don't have super-sonic ears, you can also read it below! We apologise about the sound! Unfortunately, we could not drown out Bruno Mars.

Charly: Can you tell us a little bit about the race series? When it started?

Liz: We've been going for a few years now, we go all over the country, we've got 12 venues so next will be Southampton in a few weeks, then down to Exeter, then up to Manchester, Glasgow, all over the place! The idea is basically non-threatening, good, fun environment for women to race together. They can race it really, really hard if they want to, or they can take their time and walk if they want to. It's open to all women, just come and have fun.

Charly: Are you a runner yourself?

Liz: I am!

Charly: Are you taking part in any of the races?

Liz: I'm not because I've got jobs to do at all of them! Unfortunately, I have to run around through the excitement, but if I was not I would be!

Charly: What's been the favourite race that you've ever done?

Liz: Oh, wow that's really difficult! It's probably a marathon, because I like the longer stuff. So London marathon is pretty awesome. It's got an incredible atmosphere. I've done it four times, I've paced it as well, always amazing, but probably my all-time favourite because I got a PB there, was Abingdon marathon which is my hometown. It's a very small race but fun times.

Charly: How do you feel after you've finished a run?

Liz: Just amazing actually. Me and my friends are always teasing saying you never regret a run, unless you actually pulled a muscle or something, and I think that always runs true. You always just feel like, however bad a mood you set out in, whatever happened in the day, it all just goes away the moment you run. For me when you're training for an event you're ticking off those achievements and for me that's so satisfying. It's probably the few things in life where you can put in some effort and get results and that's what I love about running, that feeling of achievement.

Charly: So, it wouldn't be right not to ask you, but do you wear a sports bra to run?

Liz: Absolutely! I do, I did about two races without one and basically regretted it. since then it's always!

Charly: How many sports bras do you have?

Liz: Probably got about 4 or 5 but not all for running, some of them are more like a crop top, style, more compressed for more of my medium impact activities like cross training, and gym stuff. Then for running I've got my favourite Shock Absorber Run Bra, it's an absolute supporter. It's a bit of a classic sports bra, but I love it but it's really supportive and comfortable.

Charly: Fantastic and just to finish off, have you got any words for the ladies taking part in the series this year?

Liz: Just come on and enjoy it, it doesn't have to be stressful. If you do want to run sub 40min 10K, you can do that. We've got the course for it, nice and flat so you can come and do that.  It's a brilliant environment so come just come and enjoy it. It's just somewhere to come out and have fun at.

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