How to Lose Weight Healthily

How to Lose Weight Healthily
By Boobydoo
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How to Lose Weight Healthily

It is a big wide topic of how we lose weight and the best tips and tricks, but which ones actually help us? I mean there are so many out there! So here are a few realistic ways that can help us lose weight in healthy and realistic ways.

Weighing In

Daily weigh-ins are better for us than the usual weekly one. Although the weekly weigh-in may seem a better choice than the daily one, it was found that people lost more pounds on their weight loss journey by weighing daily than the people weighing weekly. It may seem a bit obsessive but this works because it allows us to see the positive results and also the negative,  encouraging you to do that bit more towards losing weight. But overall I personally feel that if you feel more comfortable with weighing yourself weekly, carry on with what is best for you, as everyone is different and we all prefer to do things in different ways.

Food is not the enemy!

Foods become labelled 'good' or 'bad' when we begin a diet. But it has been found that actually there is no benefit to us when we label them. This is simply down to the fact we like to rebel and eat the 'bad' foods and then we see the 'good' foods as plain and not interesting. So if we simply make the change of not labelling our foods we will in fact start eating more of the healthier foods and less of the unhealthy. But let's not forget it is all about a balanced diet and a treat won't hurt you!

Even a Diet needs a Holiday

When embarking on a new diet most people will go straight in at the deep end and follow a strict and precise diet plan. However this may not be the best thing to do for you to lose the most weight. You may think that a day of many calories and overeating has ruined your diet, that you have managed to keep up until the point where you cave. But actually that isn't necessarily true as you actually lose more weight by having a day where you're not on the diet. Don't take this literally and go mad as that isn't how this works, but a day off the diet will help your weight loss journey.

Making It a Habit, Not a Chore.

Starting a new diet usually means making huge changes to our eating habits,  even going as far as clearing out all the cupboards and buying lots of new foods. Suddenly there has been a huge change to your lifestyle and this can be overwhelming for anyone and it also means that you are less likely to actually stick to the diet. Whereas making small changes everyday can work better for us as it becomes more of a habit than a chore. As making smaller changes and achieving them creates a positive mindset for us and this then leads to us making more smaller realistic changes. So for example, if you swap from white bread to brown bread it makes a small change. But lots of small changes make big differences so think about what small changes you could make to your diet and you would be surprised at the results.

Mind Over Plate.

A lot of our weight loss success can be down to our mind. So for us to be in a better mindset we need to make changes that aren't huge and drastic, essentially so we don't notice the change. Something as simple as using a smaller plate to put your dinner on makes us think that we have had more food than we actually have. This makes our brains think that we have eaten more than we have than if we ate on a bigger plate essentially consuming food that we don't actually need. Also, as our bodies take 20 minutes to acknowledge that we are full, try eating slower. This way your body has more time to react and tell us that we don't need anymore. I hope that these tips and facts can help you on your weight loss journey and that you have a positive mindset and see the good results of not being to drastic with the changes to your lifestyle.
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