WomenOnly Triathlon: Cycling Prep

WomenOnly Triathlon: Cycling Prep
By Boobydoo
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WomenOnly Triathlon: Cycling Prep

Cycling: Shock Absorber WomenOnly Triathlon Training

This week, after some leisurely cycling on my shiny new hybrid road/mountain bike (which I bought on eBay for a steal, by the way), I decided that I needed to practice getting some serious speed on a bicycle, to practice the feeling of pace on a bike.

I signed up for a one-hour Spinning Class at my local gym, and so help me, I was sweating! My legs burned until I couldn't feel my quads any more and each time the trainer bloke told me to turn up the pace to '10' I could have just hobbled away each time to crumble into a quiet corner of the kettlebell room next door.

I wore the Shock Absorber UK 4490 Active Multi Sport Support bra, and it really did the job! Despite the bra feeling damp on the outside, the inner layer was dry, wicking away sweat from my body. It gave me zero chafing and stayed in place - so no adjusting needed! Definitely a plus when you have to have two hands on the handle bars.

6 years ago