Test Run | Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

Test Run | Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra
By Boobydoo
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Test Run | Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

Megan - 34D


First impression of the bra – look, feel, etc. This bra says: I mean business! It’s a jet black with silver detail shock absorber and feels soft and silky the inside with strong sturdy straps. It’s very well made! How does it feel when it’s on? WELL… my boobs feel very looked after in amongst the soft interior. It’s a little tight on the armpits but other than that I feel ready to take on the world in this bra! meg shockDoes the bra give you enough support during the bounce test? Any discomfort? A VERY slight bounce. But, I’m a 34D and this is the smallest amount of bounce I’ve ever seen in any sport bra by a long shot, very impressed. What exercise/ activity did you do to try the bra? Did it give enough support? I did an uphill walk to start, then did a bit of weight training before going back to interval training on the treadmill and bike. No movement on the walk, some slight bounce on the treadmill, but again a vast improvement to any other bra I’ve tried. I did deadlifts during my weights session and the tightness in the armpits did become slightly uncomfortable, but this encouraged me to bring my shoulders back and engage my lats, which is proper form, so I’m saying that’s a positive! Feel very supported and secure in this bra. Do you think this bra is suited for high impact activities? Why/ why not? YES! This is the best bra I’ve ever come across for high impact training. The security and support I felt made me less self-conscious more than anything! Sometimes when I’m on the treadmill I get some lingering eyes over my bouncy chest, which is massively unwelcome, and makes me feel horrible! But this bra made me feel more confident that I wasn’t being stared at and I felt free to get on with my workout without distraction. Did you feel the bra was hard to get on/off? Unfortunately, YES! The shock absorber is a little difficult to get on. Easy to get off though. How does it compare to other brands you’ve tried? NO COMPARISON. Hands down best high impact bra I’ve ever used. Comfort 7 Support 9 Would you recommend this bra to your friend? YES, and I already have! My mum is a very chest 36F and is now desperate for a shock absorber for her aqua aerobics classes.

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7 years ago