4 inspiring women to show you that age is just a number!

By Boobydoo
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4 inspiring women to show you that age is just a number!

“It’s never too late – there’s always a beginning, never an ending."

- Ruby Carter-Pikes

As it’s January, many of us have vowed to power through those New Year’s Resolutions. We know that it can be hard to stick to that exercise routine when life suddenly starts getting busy. Have you been feeling guilty or struggling to keep up with your resolutions? You're not alone! One way of nurturing success is to avoid overloading. Instead of setting yourself multiple goals, why not set yourself a single goal that can be broken down in small steps?

So, if your resolutions this year were taking up rock climbing, cross-country running AND joining a jazz band (phew!) why not choose just one of those activities that you will be able to fit into your day-to-day schedule? If you decide to take up cross-country running, set yourself small, attainable targets that can be built upon with time. An example of this would be running for 10 minutes a day until you feel your stamina and strength improve, or you feel comfortable joining an athletics club.

Don’t worry if you don’t get through your fitness goals this year. Whilst keeping active is an important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle, exercise should be something to enjoy, not to dread! There’s no right or wrong time to start making changes. To prove this, we’ve put together list of 4 inspirational women who will show you that age is just a number, and passion has no expiration date.

1 | Ruby Carter-Pikes: Bodybuilder 

After seeing members of her family beset with conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol, Ruby Carter-Pikes set herself the mission of changing her lifestyle for the better. She started bodybuilding at the age of 51 and has since continued well into her 70s. “It’s never too late – there’s always a beginning, never an ending. Always do something you really enjoy in life."

2 | Margo Hayes: Rock Climber 

At the age of 19, Margo Hayes became the first woman to climb and successfully finish a 5.15a-rated route (the highest difficulty rating in rock climbing), known as ‘The Rambla’. The ascent took Hayes an intense 30-minutes. Starting out as a gymnast, Hayes discovered her love for rock climbing aged 10 and hasn’t looked back since. “I like to be very organised”, Hayes said about her goals, “they’re written down somewhere before I get them.”

3 | Harriette Thomson: Marathon Runner

At 94 years young, Harriette Thomson became the oldest woman to finish a half marathon. This wasn’t the first time she’d completed an amazing feat of endurance: at the age of 92, she was also the oldest woman to run a marathon. What’s perhaps most remarkable is that Thomson only started running at the age of 76. Her resilience and determination saw her through numerous chemotherapy treatments as she had battled jaw and skin cancer. Thomson sadly passed away in 2017.

4 | Ellie Simmonds: Para-Swimmer

At 13, Ellie Simmonds won not one, but two gold medals at the Beijing Paralympics in 2008. Her successes continued at the London 2012 (4 gold medals) and Rio 2016 (5 gold medals) Paralympic Games. Her achievements show that no matter what life throws at you, you can always overcome physical and mental challenges. “I’m so proud to tell people I’m a Paralympic champion.”

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