How important do you think it is to wear a sports bra when playing rugby? We chat to the Harlequins Women's Rugby Team about their sports bra brablems!

We recently travelled down to the Harlequins training ground in London to help the team find their perfectly fitting sports bra, share our knowledge, and talk to them about how important they think it is to wear a sports bra.

We helped the Women’s British Wheelchair Basketball Team find their perfect fitting sports bra

A few months ago we got the pleasure of not only welcoming the British Wheelchair Basketball Team down to boobydoo HQ but also helping them find their perfect sports bra! It was wonderful to meet the lovely team and find out more about their sporting careers and chat to them about their previous sports bra experiences:

The Top 10 Most Comfortable Sports Bras – As Voted for by You!

Comfort is a major factor to consider when purchasing a sports bra, especially if you’ll be wearing it frequently or during long periods of time. There is nothing worse than having a training session and all you can think about is how uncomfortable your sports bra is!

Celebrating Sisterhood with boobydoo

Here is why you should work out with a friend now that you can!

7 Top Rated Sports Bras for Hiking

Hiking is a physical activity which can lead to movement in the breasts. No matter if it is a gentle stroll or something a little steeper, it is important that your boobs are provided with the support they need.

The Best Cooling Sports Bras for Summer

Summer is officially here which means our workouts are about to get A LOT HOTTER!  For these warmer months we recommend opting for a sports bra made with either moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics so you can avoid the sweavage and continue to exercise in comfort and ease.

Top Tips For Starting Cycling

In honour of World Bicycle we spoke to our ambassador and triathlete Kate to find out about her cycling journey and what her top tips for starting cycling are!

boobydoo supports women in the British Army!

Since January 2019, we have been working hard behind the scenes at the British Armyrecruit training centres to provide their new female recruits with properly fitting, high impact sports bras for their Basic Training courses.

Busting those Sports Bra Myths

Here at boobydoo we have over 15 years of sports bra experience making us the UK’s leading experts! Our aim is to make sure every women has a perfect fitting sports bra that is right for her activity. Today we’re tapping into our expert knowledge and busting some of those myths around sports bras. 

5 reasons to get a virtual fitting with boobydoo