Our Inspirational Women

Our boobydoo Ambassadors are all inspirational women who will be reviewing bras from the boobydoo collection and letting you know from real world experience what works and what doesn't!

Ashley Johnston

Ashley's journey started when she was told that 'running isn't for you because of your build and shape'. She set out to create an Instagram platform which offered funny, relatable and informative sports bra reviews to help other women out there find the right sports bra!

Jo Ellett

Jo is a British Army Officer- Royal Engineers, a GB Bobsleigh athlete, an Army Rugby Player and a Warrior Fitness (Crossfit Athlete).  Jo is passionate about women being themselves, loving their body and doing things they enjoy and not worrying what others say.

Louize Macklin

Louize has a passion for fitness and everything wellness, she loves to promote that you can do anything, no matter what, you just need support! In the past she has worn 3 bras at the same time to ensure no movement but with her InfinitY Power bra she has all the support she needs.

Laura Dryden

Laura is a Youtuber and runner and she is an inspiration to us all! She lost 100lbs and her Instagram page is a feed full of motivation and girl power! She reminds us to take the good from the bad, learn from it and adapt.

Katie Ball

Katie is a GB Distance Triathlete from Lincolnshire, UK. She has an array of medals and her Instagram feed provides us with advice and tips, and is a constant reminder that you can achieve your goals!

Wendy Rumble

Wendy is a Berkshire GB running mum/coach. She is the founder of @runningbuggies and her Instagram feed provides us with motivation and shows us that living an active lifestyle with children is possible!

Sam Miller

Sam loves to run! She has completed 15 marathons and 5 ultras. She also volunteers as a running coach three times a week, as well as being a volunteer guide for visually impaired runners.

Jean Sayers

Jean is part of the Castle Donnington's Jog Squaq! She always offers real reviews on the latest boobydoo sports bras and her Instagram is full of motivation and workouts you can try for yourself at home!

Anita North

Anita is a retired clay shooter for GB and England. She competed for many years, including at the Common Wealth Games. She is a 5 times British Champion, but now uses her knowledge to coach others.