About Us


boobydoo strives for the no bounce policy, which is why we offer the best range of sports bras in the UK. During a run, your body uses over 200 muscles, your knees hit the ground with about eight times your body weight and your breasts move on average 14cm. A sports bra can reduce breast movement by 80%, saving you from damaging the tender ligaments that prevent breast sagging.

Our bodies are strong, but without proper equipment, we can do irreversible damage. We regularly test our products so that we can help every woman find her perfect sports bra, ready to answer any question and offer any advice.


boobydoo is a part of the Young Ideas Group, a family run company out of Ashbourne, Derbyshire. It was acquired on Valentine’s Day in 2015 and has since been increasing its product lines to further provide the perfect sports bra for every woman. boobydoo is an independent company that thinks like a big brand, never quitting on its pursuit for breast happiness for all.